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AUIYB: In The Box PT

We got all up in Maysa Hannawi's business. Visit In The Box PT to learn more about the big work she's doing in Charleston, South Carolina & feel free to drop her a line (she loves to chat) or send her tacos.

I encounter you in one of Charleston’s few elevators. In an effort to fill the awkward silence or drown out jazzy (yet oddly depressing) music, give me your elevator pitch.

In The Box PT is a dynamic Physical Therapy business that travels from box to box offering athletes PT on the spot. Services range from injury rehabilitation to body work to group mobility and stability classes. We know how hard you work every day and want to make sure your body stays as healthy as possible to keep you pushing your limits in and out of the box. In The Box PT – Physical Therapy for CrossFit athletes, by CrossFit athletes.

I'm intrigued. Let's talk more! Can you tell me how your business came to be?

While getting my Doctorate of Physical Therapy at MUSC, I was required to create a business model for a professionalism class. I decided to incorporate my passion for CrossFit into this project, and came up with In The Box PT. While creating the business plan for school, I realized it was a plan I wanted for my career. After I presented it, I ran with the idea and decided to make it a reality.

Fascinating! As a child, what did you aspire to be when you grew up? Why?

When I was reallllly young…I wanted to be a race car driver – pretty ambitious.

I always wanted to have an active career, and loved science. I bounced around from wanting to be a doctor, to a track coach, and was always looking for how to combine sports and science. It wasn’t until college that I found PT, which was the perfect combination.

As an adult, what do you consider to be your most important superpower? Why? (Let’s be honest, we know you have a few!)

I can talk! I am the most talkative person I know – sometimes a downfall – but in the PT world, it’s my closest trait to a superpower. I am comfortable striking up conversations with just about anyone – friends, patients, clients, etc. There is never an awkward silence or a lack of funny stories

You are most interesting! Do you have a typical daytime routine that you follow? What does that generally look like?

I am lucky in that in the cash-based world, my routine is every changing – and I think that matches my personality. I like being constantly busy, and on the go. There are a few constants though: CrossFit, treating patients, eating tacos and taking 10-20 minutes to work on my mobility/stability/movement patterns. Besides that – anything active and I am in.

We are now stuck on the elevator and running out of oxygen, so my questions are going to get a little crazy. If you were a box of cereal, what would you be? Why?

Cinnamon toast crunch – because who doesn’t want to start their day with some CTC. Add almond/coconut milk and it’s a party.

Do you consider yourself more of a hunter or a gatherer? Explain.

Definitely a hunter – I have always had the mentality that you have to chase after what you want. I think that is the mentality that led me to starting my own business straight out of school.

You’ve been extended an invitation to perform on The Voice. What song do you pick? Why?

Uptown Funk – no one can resist getting up and dancing to that song and having a good time. I’m a people pleaser.

The elevator is moving again – yay! And look at that, we are getting off on the same floor! Crazy how these things work. Now I’d like to know what your favorite thing is about being a small business owner. Least favorite? Why?

My favorite thing is the endless possibilities. I think being dynamic and cash-based, there is no limit to what I can do. We can offer various workshops, digital programming, performance training, educational seminars, philanthropy opportunities and events, etc. Anything I can think up can become a reality, and that is what I love most about it being a small business owner. Least favorite? I think managing the administration and financial side of the business as well can be stressful. I am lucky to have a really good team behind me that helps me venture through this new territory.

What advice do you have for aspiring small business owners? If it is short and catchy, we should TM that ish and put it on a t-shirt!

Pick something you are passionate about and….H-U-S-T-L-E…. it is worth it.

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