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How to (Humbly) Be a Big Deal

“I don't know how to put this but I'm kind of a big deal. People know me. I'm very important. I have many leather-bound books and my apartment smells of rich mahogany.” – Ron Burgundy, Anchorman

In Ron Burgundy’s own mind, he was definitely a big deal. Throughout the movie, he continually refers to physical attributes and material possessions that he feels define just how much of a big deal he really is. It is satire, and it is funny. In the real world, however, a push for substance, and more important, humility, presently exists.

We face an incredible amount of adversity and challenges in business and in life, and there may be times where we feel that we fall short. We may not know how and when to show up for others, or what that might look like in different situations. It is even possible that we are putting ourselves and our needs at the very bottom of the list. When this happens, we often don’t realize that we are limiting ourselves in what we can do for the world and almost always setting ourselves up for burnout or personal failure.

  1. Most agree that intention and positivity are the very foundation of avoiding burnout and personal failure. We’ve built upon these ideas below, offering some ideas to help you achieve daily big deal-ness. Want to humbly shout your BDS (big deal status) from the rooftops but don't know where to start? Let's chat, San Diego.

  2. Rise before the sun.

  3. Start your day with intention and reflection. (And coffee. Lots of coffee.)

  4. Make a to-do list and immediately start tackling it.

  5. Don’t rest until everything is done.

  6. Take on personal and professional challenges.

  7. Hold yourself and your work to a higher standard than you did yesterday.

  8. Work to make your energy positive. Especially when you feel a negative pull.

  9. Navigate challenges like they are an opportunity to become better, faster, and stronger. Speak to others warmly, yet forcefully.

  10. Be honest. Even when it is hard. S

  11. urround yourself with those who share your positivity and vision.

  12. Do something that scares you. Every day.

  13. Pay someone a genuine compliment.

  14. Gain perspective by looking at things from every possible angle.

  15. Read fiction and non-fiction daily.

  16. Don’t carry your failures on your back. Accept them. Admit to them. Learn from them. Then move on.

  17. Honor your body and mind by exercising regularly.

  18. Ask for feedback and accept criticism openly.

  19. Set daily, weekly, and monthly goals. Take time to check in with yourself to reassess.

  20. Show up every day and understand that you are a continual work in progress.

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