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Stop the Hero-Preneur Cycle

Outsource These Activities Today to Save Time and Talent Tomorrow

Running a small business is not for the faint of heart, and as you know, the role you play changes by the hour. If you handle everything from the design and delivery of high-level pitches to cleaning the toilets, listen up – you need to put an end to your hero-preneur cycle (HPC). Speaking from my own personal experience, the HPC can be hard to break. It is almost ingrained in us as small business owners to be and do all the things ourselves in an effort to save money. We get so deep in our self-built trenches that we forget that our time is money. Our talent is money. And since time and talent are such valued commodities when running a small business, it is best to the help of others rather than circling around and around in the HPC, where time and talent die a sad, slow death. If you aren’t sure what activities you should look to outsource, here are a few of my suggestions:

Accounting & Payroll

How much do you enjoy dealing with the IRS? Have you spent time on the phone with them lately? What is your level of familiarity with federal, state, and local tax laws? If these questions alone made your palms sweaty and your stomach hurt, consider outsourcing your accounting and payroll. Mistakes can be costly and are guaranteed to drain both time and talent faster than you can say HPC.

Social Media

Be honest. Is your social media presence always a last minute thought? Is it the furthest thing from curated, consistent, and strategic? If so, outsourcing your social media management could be a solid play. Communicate your message to someone who gets it and focuses on social media marketing for a living. Big things will start to happen.


How often do you find yourself bogged down by the daily minutia of travel, emails, schedules, phone calls, and invoices? Ever have a day where you look at the clock at 7am, blink, look at it again and realize it is 7pm? (And then feel as if you have nothing to show for it?) A virtual assistant could take over routine administrative activities freeing up your time and talent for the bigger picture, like-a-boss tasks that you live for.


What does your sales pipeline look like? Is it bursting at the well-soldered seams or has a lone cricket taken up residence inside of it? If you are struggling to determine when and where your next meal is coming from, it might be time to bring in professional help. Marketing consultants know exactly how to get your message in front of your target market.

There are a lot of opportunities for small business to outsource activities (preferably to other small business!) As a general rule of thumb, though, tasks that are non-revenue generating but essential to operations are wonderful to outsource.

If you are sick of getting stuck in the HPC, let’s chat! From marketing strategy and content development to social media management, Front & Center can help you truly capitalize on your time and talent.

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