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Charleston-based entrepreneurs rejoice! If you know anything about the F&C Squad, the fact that we are shamelessly motivated by food and are downright dangerous when hangry should make the short list. All this to say, when we meet with our clients or need a change in scenery, we are called to where there are good stuffs to sip and snack on. Good news for these munchy shepreneurs, Charleston spoils us with no shortage of spaces that inspire with plenty of goodies to fuel the grey matter. Here is a list of our favorite spots to meet, greet, and work from in the Holy City. Pick an unfamiliar place and see what new inspiration awaits! (And, yes. We have a category for avocado toast. Don’t hate.)

Best Baked Goods and Cozy AF

The Harbinger Café

1107 King Street, Charleston

Harbinger is defined as ‘one that pioneers in or initiates a major change’. What better place for your next brainstorming sesh or client meeting? Outside of their amazing honey lattes and inventive bakery items (hello, sriracha mama granola bar, you sexy thing you!) we love the calming, inspiring vibe here. Full of natural light, reclaimed materials, live greenery, locally sourced goods, and deep blue hues, Harbinger can do no wrong in our book. Fast, free WiFi is a bonus!

Best Coffee, Quiche and Conversation

Orange Spot Coffee

1011 East Montague Avenue, North Charleston

Tried, true, and endlessly hip, Orange Spot is where many a F&C idea have come to fruition. Just a stone’s throw away from Mary Beth’s abode, across the street from the Irish pub Mollie claims as a second home, and where Ellie recently stunned in a white caped dress, this place is simply our favorite. We would tell you how amazing the quiche is, but we hate when we get there and they are all sold out. So forget everything we just said.

Best First Impression

Mercantile and Mash

701 East Bay Street, Charleston

Nothing says ‘get on my level’ like a meeting at Mercantile and Mash in the recently renovated Cigar Factory downtown. The world is your oyster, here. You can sip coffee, eat a donut (on Wednesdays), or just cut right to the chase with some pink bubbles. Want to throw down a real power move? Grab a steak from one of their drool-worthy display cases to grill up for your dinner later. Level up!

Best Avocado Toast

Vintage Coffee Café

219 Simmons Street, Mount Pleasant

No matter how hard we resist, deep down we truly are basic. What can we say? We love fancy but simple ingredients prettily placed on toast. Vintage delivers with their swoon-worthy toast bar – avocado, prosciutto, strawberry, almond butter, and smoked salmon – to be exact. Coupled with an adorable outdoor seating area, we are quite smitten with the meetings we take or work we accomplish here!

Best Tacos for Breakfast

The Daily

652 King Street, Charleston

Tacos are life. Why not start living at breakfast with chorizo tacos? Outside of delicious, fresh foods that are available all day long, The Daily has fresh juices and wonderful coffee. The vibe here is busy and fast-paced. The ‘get shit done’ kind of vibe that we love and often crave. Only drawback? No WiFi, so plan accordingly with conversation, story boards, and old-school pen and paper.

Want to meet us at one of the places above to talk about you and your goals? Let’s chat! And if you have a favorite spot you like to do business in around town, let us know what it is in the comments below. We’d love to check it out!

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