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'Tis The Season For Self-Care

We fancy ourselves as superheroes around here (Mary Beth is Wonder Woman, Mollie is Phoenix, and Ellie is Cat Woman.) Despite us often wanting to live out the fantasy versions of our own lives as these alter egos, we are mortal humans who need to take good care of ourselves (especially during the holidays) if we want to be able to take good care of our clients. Over and over again, studies link good physical health to good mental health and good mental health to increased productivity and creative thinking.

The takeaway here is that entrepreneurs who aren’t taking care of themselves are not doing their business any favors. If your self-care has gone in the trash with questionable fruitcake this holiday season, we want to help you get back on track. Here are our tips on how to channel your inner superhero and self-care it up this holiday season.

Move That Body

The average adult should get about 150 minutes of exercise per week. Exercise releases endorphins that act as your body’s natural painkillers. They relieve tension and improve the quality of your sleep, which reduces stress levels. At Front & Center, our favorite way to release endorphins is by “outworking death” at Pale Horse CrossFit (what up, swolemates?) Our Founder Mary Beth is even on the leaderboard at our box. Go big or go home, we like to say.

Stop Adding to Your To-Do List

It is December 16th. If you are still adding to your before Christmas to-do list, stop. Do not sacrifice quality for quantity. Complete items that are critical to finishing before the end of the year, and come back swinging with grand plans for January.

Say No

It is okay to say no to things, especially during the holidays. There just isn’t enough time in the month to attend every party and take on every last minute client project without sacrificing your sanity. Can’t do it? Don’t want to do it? Don’t have time to do it? Say no. And don’t apologize.


Have a trusted elf or two who can help you make the magic happen? If not, outsource. And outsource now. Pride won't get you on the nice list.

Get Outside

Studies have shown that people perform 50% better on problem-solving tasks after three days of active wilderness exposure. According to Eva M. Selhub, Harvard professor and author, nature ‘turns off the stress response, which means you have lower cortisol levels, lower heart rate and blood pressure and improved immune response.’ In short: get outside! We don’t care if it’s cold. Just do it.

Interact with Humans. In Person.

How many of your conversations this month have been frenzied and carried out in a text message or email? Schedule time to sit down in-person with the people you care about for a face-to-face conversation. Ask them how they are doing. Talk about current events. Share a quiche. (And by share a quiche, we mean a whole quiche. Not a piece of quiche. Because that is just silly.)

Eat Well

If your main sources of sustenance this month have been candy canes and cookies, listen up – your lack of nutrition is not helping your stress. Further, food has a direct impact on cognitive performance. Maintaining a well-rounded diet (macro and micronutrients) will keep your energy and performance at a high level.

Treat Yo’Self

You’ve been working hard and performing at a high level this month. We know. We see you hustling. It is ok to put everyone and everything else aside for a few hours or a day to treat yo’self. Get a massage, take a long bike ride, schedule a whole day of Netflix and chill, or take yourself out for a meal and shopping. You will feel recharged and ready to jump right back into the festive fray afterward!

Can the Front & Center Team take anything off of your plate (AFTER the holidays?) We'd love to hear from you!

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