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Let's Get Visual

Lifestyle Shoots & Their Value For Small Business

Here at Front & Center, we often wax poetic about the art and power of presentation. We’ve also had more than an occasional chat on the importance of true-to-you messaging, and how that, along with a killer first impression, can make or break a potential client relationship or sale.

One piece we haven’t yet discussed, and one that happens to be a crowd favorite around these parts, is the brand photoshoot. (Cue the whining!) But for real. We know it can be an investment, but we feel it is one every small business needs to make.

Not convinced a brand photoshoot is a priority for you and your business? Let’s get visual:

Are you selling a product? Follow up question, are you selling a product online?

Even if you just answered yes to one of those questions, we hope you’ve had your products professionally photographed. Professionally shot photos build confidence in potential clients/customers and convey a level of attention to detail and professionalism that photos shot in mediocre lighting with a smartphone simply cannot.

If you have an online storefront, it is even more important to use professional photography. Speaking from personal experience, we’ve actually left websites before when they didn’t have high-quality photos because there was no telling what we were buying. If colors, textures, details, etc. aren’t conveyed properly, it could also create a huge mess for you when it comes to returns and exchanges.

Are you selling a service? Follow up question, are you selling a service online?

Again, even if you just answered yes to one of these questions, it is important for people to see visuals and get the right vibe related to the services you offer. Not only does a polished shoot help you show up well, it also builds confidence and trust among your prospects.

Take a little tour of our website. It is chock full of visuals of us laughing, sassing, and working that are true to the F&C brand and true to us. People visiting our site should have a good idea of what to expect when they work with us and it is because the messaging and visuals all work in tandem to build rapport; possibly before we even meet in person or have a conversation on the phone.

When it comes time to select a photographer to capture your products or services, we recommend taking time to find one that you connect with who takes the time to understand your brand. Each photographer has their own eye and style, so take some time looking through portfolios and their Instagram for a look and feel that aligns with your business.

There is nothing worse than paying a photographer to do a brand shoot only to be underwhelmed or hesitant by the shots you get in return. Work with a prospective photographer to develop a mood board and shot list that aligns with your brand and covers the essentials for all the photos you’ll need for your marketing materials (lay-flats, horizontal and vertical, etc…).

Need help planning or styling a shoot? Let’s chat! We’d love to help you find the right talent to suit your style and coordinate your styled shoot.

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