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Shoe Money - 4 Ways To Monetize Your Website, Diversify Revenue

It isn’t just about making money, but, let’s be real, dollars fund the dream and the dream is what we are all about doing. In this new series, Shoe Money, we will work through ways to better leverage your brand and marketing assets to help drive and diversify revenue.

She’s up! Your beautiful website is live and shines like the digital beacon of potential your business baby is destined to become.

Whether your priority is brand awareness, showcasing services, selling products, lead generation, legitimization, building a consumer base, or a bit of all the above, I don’t need to tell you your website is mission critical to your marketing strategy.

What we are here for is talking through 4 creative, concrete ways to monetize your website and, ideally, diversify revenue. I’ll reference these options in the context of Wix, Front & Center’s website platform of choice, but most of these functions are available across your major players.

  1. Sell digital products. E-commerce is no one-trick-pony for t-shirts and trinkets. Do you have a template you swear by? How-to for clients recorded? Guideline you whipped up? Bet someone out there would welcome trading you a few dollars for your genius. Wix Stores support digital downloads for images, audio, document and zip files up to 1GB - the world is your oyster!

  2. Set up paid subscriptions to your blog. You work hard pouring your experience and expertise into prime multimedia content, so why not use it to build a paying member base? The caveat here, if you put your blog behind a pay-wall it’s even more important to stay consistent with regular content drops. Give the people what they want…and have now paid for.

  3. Use pay-to-book early and often. This may seem obvious, but I have too many conversations with clients in the service space (designers, consultants, coaches, etc…) who get the runaround on time spent before contracts are signed. If your parking lot is full, consider pay-to-book for your discovery or initial consultation. Does this give you shimmies? Then offer to apply the consult fee to the first project/deliverable should the client decide to move forward. You can set up your pay-to-book using Wix Bookings or a Wix Payment Form to gate access to your Calendly, for example.

  4. Package your brain stuffs into an online course. Have FAQ’s you can’t seem to run through enough or guidance you’re known for? Share the wealth …while adding to your own. Wix Online Programs has truly stepped up its game with all the bells and whistles to set up your on-demand or scheduled course to include payment plans, in-course engagement and even rewards upon course completion. Better yet, leverage Ascend to automate your emails and cohort communications. Love it when a plan comes together…

If the last couple of years have taught us anything, it’s that revenue diversification is queen. Whether you’re looking to switch up your shoe money sources or fill up those cash coffers, I am all about pulling levers right in front of you to monetize that beautiful website you already invested in building.

Interested in making any of the above happen? Let’s connect.

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