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Speak Your Truth - Weighing, Drafting Societal/Political Social Media Posts

One-size-fits-no-one. Find your voice, weigh the outcomes, and speak your truth as business leadership on social media.

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My role, as I see it, is to help my clients and fellow business owners navigate the unknown while staying true to who they are and what they aim to accomplish.

It’s wild out there, y’all. Namely across social media, there is increased pressure for business leadership to weigh in and make stands on societal and political issues.

Let’s pause here. Trust that I have strong personal opinions and convictions - if they interest you, I invite you to follow my personal handles or we can chat more over a pint.

This, however, is not about me, it’s about you - finding your voice, weighing the potential outcomes and intentionally speaking your truth if you feel compelled to do so.

When it comes to supporting our clients on whether to make a statement and, if yes, moving forward with doing so, these are the 7 steps we workshop together:

  1. Take a beat. As emotional as you may be over the issue at hand, “firing off” in a public forum will not serve you. Scream into the void, breathe and choose your next step with care.

  2. Opt for intention over perfection. Let go of the notion that there is a single way to speak of hard things that will do it for everyone. There is not. If you can live with this, move on to the next step.

  3. If you’re going to say something, then say it. While keeping your statement crisp and concise, make sure it has heft. No word soup, kitchen-sink statements or lukewarm water here.

  4. Own it. Acknowledge that you are speaking as the business owner and that your position is not a reflection of your team’s beliefs (unless you’ve otherwise discussed with them and gotten their buy in). This can be done in a letter or direct quote format with your sign off, for example.

  5. Know there will be backlash. Even if the majority of your following is in solidarity, there’s always a chance for negative comments and canceling from those who don’t agree when it comes to any kind of ‘polarizing’ topic. Make your peace with this and forge ahead with eyes wide open.

  6. End on action. Include a tangible step you are taking as a business to make an impact. This may look like a donation to an organization on the front lines, bringing awareness to a local nonprofit that needs support, or changing an internal policy.

  7. Post up. Once your statement is live, be ready to address comments and questions in an efficient, timely manner. No posting and ghosting on this one, friend.

A double-edged sword, social media is as much mayhem and fray as it is an incredible space for community, conversation and connection. It’s worth being there and finding your voice, while being mindful of your business.

When it comes to deciding where and when to speak your truth, we are here to help you workshop and execute. Get in touch with the Front & Center team today.

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