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Style Over Substance - Why it will Always Leave a Bad Taste

Confession. One of my favorite guilty pleasures is to pour some bubbles, snuggle up with the fur children and binge The Great British Bake Off.

From Noel’s endearingly quirky humor and crack ups over caramel to Prue’s coveted eyewear collection and the inevitable Bread Week meltdown, I am here for all of it on repeat.

One reason why this show continues to steal my heart, however, is that the greatest gloves-off shade the judges will throw is to say a baker gave them style over substance. *gasp*

I feel this with every fiber of my being as the same is true of branding and marketing - if you present me with a decadent showstopper that is stodgy disappointment on the first bite, I’m left with a bad taste and won’t be taking another.

Don’t get me wrong, I dig sleek brand design and swoon over chic marketing, but the ones that earn my clicks, follows and dollars are those that have brawn behind the beauty.

What gives a brand and its marketing substance? Story, depth, value, why, vision, mission, intrigue, impact and personality are a few words that quickly come to mind.

Which begs the next question - why is it tempting to default to style over substance? Frankly, it’s easier. Putting a pretty wrapper around your brand and shipping it off may check the box, but here’s what I’ve seen happens next:

  • You were never “bought in” so the brand and any marketing that stems from it starts falling flat and feeling forced to you and your team. You’re just not that into it.

  • It doesn’t connect, resonate or stick with you ideal customer or client - it may get you the vanity impressions and views for a minute, but the actions and conversions aren’t there to begin with or fall off quickly

  • There’s no foundation to build on - once you and your clients get bored with the pretty face that has no personality, it’s back to the drawing board because there’s nothing exciting or meaningful to draw on or grow from.

Here at Front & Center, we’re big on substance with style. Yes, this may mean digging deeper, a little more time in the proving drawer or having to remake the custard, but trust the final result will be well worth the calories both for you and your ideal client.

Learn more about what we do to brand and market small business + entrepreneurs or get in touch with us today.

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