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The Make-Up-For-It Mindset Is Toxic, Tell The Others

Call it a PSA, love note or battle cry, from me to you, please stop trying to make up for it.

Last year was something that happened to and completely blindsided most of us. I, for one, did not see it coming and, like so many, masked up, dug my heels in, and held on for dear life.

Now that we’re coming out on the other side and life starting to move at the speed of light once again, I’m seeing this frenzied fervor among my fellow business owners and entrepreneurs to make up for what was lost in 2020 - revenue, growth, clientele, bookings - the list goes on.

This make-up-for-it mindset is nothing short of toxic and is only succeeding in fraying our already torn edges. Here are three reasons why…


The make-up-for-it mindset has you looking backwards instead of forward. Aside from select lessons learned about how to diversify your revenue or mitigate risk, tough love, there is nothing for you back there.

Instead, revel in the clarity of hindsight, make space for intentional reflection and write down a few (3-5) key takeaways - what did this experience teach you about yourself? Your business? What did you learn that will help you moving forward? Only take in that which makes you stronger.


The make-up-for-it mindset mires you in “what if”. Although seductive AF, best believe it's quicksand. There is no benefit to wondering what could have or should have been, because…it wasn't. This dangerous game is a waste of your precious widgets, remaining shreds of sanity, and, above all, is simply unproductive.

Instead, focus on your next 90-days and Q4 (which is basically tomorrow), because they are quite real and coming in hot. These months ahead have major momentum and you’ll want to show up for them.


The make-up-for-it mindset implies you did something wrong or should have done more, which is, frankly, cruel and unfair to the-wonder-that-is you who did the best you could with what you had in the face of the unknown.

Blame is so often our need for control in sheep's clothing. The way I see it, you’re still standing and, for that, I applaud you. Now, let it go.

Give yourself some grace and take a big 'ole breath...or three. While you're at it, book that long-weekend away with the 90-min cabana massage because, spoiler alert, shut down was not a vacation and you'll want to be refreshed for the hard work we have ahead.

I firmly, deeply believe that entrepreneurship is a marathon, not a sprint. Trust that we have many winding, wonderful miles ahead, friends. Chin up, steady that pace, and, most importantly, keep your eyes forward.



Because the real work begins long before show time, learn more about Behind The Scenes, the business coaching and consulting side of our firm, or get in touch with us today.

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