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  • New Business Formation // Tier 1

New Business Formation // Tier 1


This party starts with access to and support working through Front & Center’s proprietary Discovery Questionnaire. Taking a blank slate approach, we will help you to clearly, crisply understand what your business is today and where it is headed tomorrow.


Process and deliverables include:


  • Shared Drive for uploading/organizing assets + customized discovery questionnaire to answer independently - available for support and guidance as needed while you work through prompts.
  • Once "first pass" is complete, we synthesize responses along with conducting independent evaluation/research as needed.
  • Schedule consult (1 to 1.5 hr) to review findings, work through any disconnect/sticking points and land on initial steps.
  • Once complete, this will serve as our collective blueprint moving forward or arm you with a punch list for evaluating alternate marketing partners.
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